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The Difference between Fingerprint Door Lock and Fingerprint access control
Add Time:2019-04-28
Fingerprint door lock and fingerprint door guard belong to security products. They have many similarities in function. They are also used as the main supporting products of doors. They play a very important role in the whole security system, but in fact their respective uses are different. What is the difference between fingerprint door lock and fingerprint door lock?

With the improvement of consumers'awareness of fingerprint locks, market acceptance is also increasing. They are different from traditional locks. Fingerprint door locks and fingerprint entrance guards adopt fingerprint identification technology. It is not only safer to use, but also convenient to us and saves many unnecessary troubles.

Application occasions: Fingerprint door lock is widely used in commercial market and gradually enters into the family, as well as high-end places and security agencies, which is one of the important barriers to ensure the safety of property and family members. As an entrance, it aims at relatively low user usage frequency; while fingerprint door lock is used in the entrance and exit of factories, companies and high-end residential areas where there is a large flow of people. Frequency is high, including all kinds of access, such as people's access doors, vehicles'access doors and so on.

Functions: Fingerprint door lock has very personalized functions, such as mobile phone remote door opening and monitoring functions, so that you can know the situation at home at any time and anywhere. Illegal door opening alarm system and a variety of door lock opening modes make home more intelligent and easy to set up. As a fingerprint access control, it has more functions and more complex settings, larger fingerprint storage capacity, and fingerprint door lock capacity. Small, access control massive open door records can be queried, there are no locks.

Other aspects: Fingerprint door lock power supply mode adopts an independent power management system, which only needs a few batteries to work. It consumes less power and lasts a long time. It is equipped with emergency door opening device and emergency key. Active wiring is generally used for access control, and installation is more troublesome.

In summary, fingerprint door lock and fingerprint door guard have little difference in security technology, but their application occasions are different, they can be linked with smart home, and their existence makes our work and life safer and more convenient.