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Shenzhen Laipu Technology Co., Ltd. was established in Shenzhen, China on April 8, 2018. Because Shenzhen has the complete supply chain, there are many and comprehensive professional material manufacturers. We need not worry about the supply of materials. Just fully integrate our ideas and concepts into product design. Technological companies help us design circuits and write software. PCBA plate factory do the PCBA SMT for us, plastic factory do injection moulds for us, hardware factory provides us with hardware accessories, electroplating factory gives us plating, and so on. We are only responsible for design and assembly, quality control and delivery products to customers. Isn't Apple's biggest factory Foxconn originally set up in Shenzhen?

At the beginning of our establishment, we focused on intelligence. Earlier products were mainly used to remotely control a large number of display advertisers, to broadcast content through the APP of 3G mobile phones.Until 2014, we realized that it was impossible for a person has only his brain, his hands, his feet and his body are very important. So we began to enter the automatic door parts and access control industry, especially the application of relays. In 2017, our products are further extended to automatic doors, accessories, access control and intelligent locks. Because we're already doing everything except that glasses.

Our products are characterized by simplicity, easy installation and maintenance. Because of its simplicity and strong stability, our quality warranty is 3 years. Simple and intelligent is our design target.

Our products include:

Automatic Door - Signal controls the switch of motor

Intelligent locks - passwords, cards, fingerprints or facial alignment, motor with sensors, locks, etc. start working

Sensors - Sensor temperature or microwave changes, decided to start, clamp, shut down and other motor action

Switch - Give a signal to the motor, open the door

Magnetic Lock - Assist the motor to Lock the Door

Attendance machine - control the right people to get in. And record when and who entered, abnormal automatic alarm and so on.

Core Value:
Grow up with suppliers, customers and employees, to create enough space for everyone's development

"Quality first, delivery in time, effective and share."

With high quality products, good reputation, high quality service, we have gotten customers around the world.

The main export areas are Europe, America, Middle East and South Africa.
Some products with CE, UL certifications

Choosing us, you will be happy!